SDIKWA Mid-Season Classic Wrestling Tournament

Rocking my Hayabusa Haburi Rashguard

Time keeps on slipping into the future.  I know that’s from a song, but it’s the truth.

Last Sunday I competed in what will be my last San Diego Imperial County Wrestling Association (SDIKWA) Mid-Season Classic.  This is a tournament that I have looked forward to every season since 2008 when I first started wrestling.  It’s usually the toughest of the year for two reasons.  One, they give out trophies instead of medals.  Two, it’s open to anyone in the state, unlike the Association Championship, so kids come from LA and OC to compete.  I won it this year for the third time, but it was bittersweet knowing it was my last.  Next year I’ll be wrestling in High School!

The day before the tournament I got my new Hayabusa Haburi rashguard in the mail and I wore it to the MSC.  It’s such a sick rashguard!  When I was warming up before the tournament jumping rope and drilling with my boys it got wet, but then it dried super quick.  I love rashguards for training and rolling, because they keep the funk off.  The website says it’s “scientifically tested ” and has “proven antimicrobial technology that  inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi to protect against serious skin infection”.  Sounds good to me!

Being Japanese I love the Hayabusa logo and their designs.  Hayabusa means Peregrine Falcon in Japanese and back in the day Japanese warlords would have them as pets.  Japanese people love Hayabusa and name fast stuff after them like spaceships, Suzuki motorcycles, and bullet trains!  And now you know.

I picked the rashguard up from a new online store called MAS (  They are run by the same crew who put out the crazy cheap daily deals at MMAHQ and BJJHQ.  Martial Arts Supplies has so many cool rashguards for sale!  I’m thinking about gettin the Scramble’s “Be Water” rashguard next!  Then again the Bad Boy Pro Series Kimura looks pretty sweet too!  What’s great about them besides the gear is that shipping is free!  And check this – if it doesn’t fit it’s free to return for 365 days!

A sweet trophy and a new rashguard…not a bad weekend!


~ by kidfighter on January 26, 2012.

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