Sick Gear for Cheap!!! MMAHQ & BJJHQ


OK, if you spend everyday training like me, you love fresh gear.  Gloves, rashguards, gis, walkout tees, fight shorts, you name it I want it!  Especially if its a sick brand like Bad Boy, Revgear, Dethrone, Manto, Boon, Keiko Raca, Fuji, Koral, or Clinch Gear.  Problem is that I’m a kid and I don’t have a ton of money.

The good news is that there is this new site I found on Twitter called BJJHQ.  Everyday they post a new deal that’s only around until midnight or until it’s sold out.  Sometime stuff sells out quick, especially smaller size shorts.  Why?  Because they’re selling this stuff stupid cheap!

For example, I got this sick True Fightwear Rashguard for only $18!  I love the brand and the rashie is top quality.  I’ve worn it a bunch of times and it still looks like brand new.  It’s great to wear at wrestling practice or rolling no-gi to keep the funk off my skin.

These guys also have another site called where they sell all kinds of awesome MMA gear.  They ship everything for only $5!  Once I saw a Zebra mat on sale and shipping was only five bucks!  Crazy I know.  If you don’t want to miss out, follow them on  Twitter.  Oh yeah, if you like them on FaceBook you may get some of the free stuff they give away.  Check it!


~ by kidfighter on January 11, 2012.

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