The Arena MMA Gym

Bad Boys

This summer I had the great opportunity to train at San Diego’s top MMA gym The Arena!  My friend and coach, Jeff Clark, is the Pro MMA trainer there and manages The Arena fighers.

Another kid I’ve known for years from wrestling has been working out there for a while and I was invited to come down a couple days a week to be his partner.  Xander is an amazing athlete who wrestles, fights Muay Thai and pankration, plays football, basketball and baseball, swims, plus he’s an honor student in his spare time.  Xander is an awesome kid!

We worked hard on boxing, kick boxing, Muay Thai and wrestling.  It was probably the best MMA training I’ve ever had because not only did I have world class coaches like Sensei Jeff, Vince Salvador, and Pat Speight, but I had a phenomenal partner who was just about my size.

During the summer we got hooked up with some sick gear from Bad Boy!  You can’t imagine how fun it was to go down to their office and pick put a bunch of gear.  They make the best fight shorts for kids I’ve ever worn and they sponsor guys like Shogun Rua, Ninja Rua, and Roger Huerta.

The Arena is such a famous place that sometimes reporters show up looking for stories about MMA.  One day, some people from legendary San Diego lifestyle magazine, Revolt in Style came down and took photos of Xander and me.  Next thing I knew, they wrote a very nice article about us.  It was quite an honor and it motivated me to work even harder to be the best fighter I can be.

Another great part of being at The Arena was Joe Duate was training for his Main Event fight vs Jorge Gurgel at Strikeforce Challengers 18 when I was down there.  It was a great feeling to be jumping rope, working drills, and training along side a gym full of pro fighters.


~ by kidfighter on September 5, 2011.

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