Roger Huerta is Awesome!

Roger Huerta Visit

Roger Huerta is a professional MMA fighter who competes in Bellator.  He fought in the UFC for a while and had some insane fights agains guys like Alberto Crane, Lenard Garcia, and Clay Guida.  He is also famous for beating up some football player who was hitting a girl.  To me he’s kind of a real life super hero.  And maybe coolest of all, he played Miguel Caballero Rojo in the Tekken movie.  A few days ago he took time out of his training for a big fight with Eddie Alvarez (the Bellator Champ) to visit the LCC wrestling room.  That’s just the way he is – he loves kids and has a special charity for helping kids who are having a hard time, like he did when he was a kid.  My Sensei happens to be his manager, and he arranged for Roger to come by.  He saw me do a couple of things wrong when I was going live and got on the mat and showed me the right way.  It was amazing to roll around with one of my all time favorite fighters.  The wrestlers were pretty surprised to see him come in and our Coach was pretty excited too.

Roger brought his friend and trainer Dave Menne with him – in case you didn’t know he was the first ever UFC Middle Weight Champion and beat Carlos Newton, Chris Lytle and about forty other guys!  What can I say – stay on his good side!

UFC Middleweight Champ Dave Menee

My dad gets advice from Roger sometimes on my wrestling and training that is very helpful.  When I hurt my shoulder, he told us not to rush back and he was 100% right!  Roger is such a cool person that you can’t understand it unless you meet him.  I know one day when he retires from fighting and acting he will train kids in wrestling and MMA.  Sign me up!


~ by kidfighter on September 21, 2010.

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