Kendall Cross Olympic Gold Medalist

Olympian Kendall Cross

OK, when you’re a wrestler what is your highest goal?  No it’s not a WWE Championship Belt – Randy Orton already has that.  It’s an Olympic Gold Medal!  Me and about a hundred other kids had a chance to work with 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Kendall Cross.  Oh yeah, he is also a 3 time US Freestyle National Champion, 1989 NCAA Champion and a thrre time NCAA All-American.  Not too shabby.

The Boys and Girls Club arranged a wrestling clinic with Coach Cross.  I had a bad wing from getting suplexed, but my training partner Oscar took it easy on me so I could learn some moves.  And one of our coaches was there to help us understand the moves – it was a good thing cause some were not that easy.  Thanks Coach Nellis!

Besides the moves we learned, Coach Cross talked a lot about the mental side of the game.  It reminded me of what I had heard a couple of years before from Lee Kemp.  It was a different take, but I realized that if you want to make it to the top your going to need more than muscle and technique.

You know what’s tight?  I’m now friends with him on Facebook.  Can’t wait until he does another clinic in SoCal!


~ by kidfighter on May 8, 2010.

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