2010 California State Championship

Sweet Victory!

On March 19  I drove up to Fresno, California for the 2010 Kids Folkstyle State Championship at Selland Arena.  I was dying on the car there because I had cut almost 10 pounds!  It was the first time I had cut more than a few pounds, but last year when I didn’t cut, I was way too small for my bracket.  Lots of kids I wrested during the year where in the bracket below me.  Losing sucks, so this year I decided I would cut!  I made weight at 70 lbs in the Novice division.  I had wrestled at 75 for most of the season.

After weigh-in, I went to eat pancakes and eggs with my teammates Jacob, Jayden and  Zach.  Of course the wrestling dads were there too!  After we ate we went back to the Holiday Inn and got some rest for the tournament.  The service at the hotel in the morning was super slow, so by the time we finished breakfast and got to the Selland Arena, there was no time to warm up.

I got off to a slow start and lost my 1st match 8-4.  That kid wound up taking 2nd.  At the state meet, it’s two and your barbecue.  There was no room for error.  Somehow, I was able to win seven matches in a row over the the two day tournament and took third.  It was the first time I placed at folkstyle state and it felt great!  My teammates Oscar and Bernie both took 2nd, Joe took 3rd too, and little Chuy took 5th.  No Mercy did so well, because we put in the work and we have great Coaches!  No way I would have placed without them.


~ by kidfighter on March 21, 2010.

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