Las Vegas is MMA

Thierry Sokoudjou and me at the WEC Weigh Ins

Thierry Sokoudjou and me at the WEC Weigh Ins

During the last two weeks of summer vacation my Ojisan (お祖父さん) came from Japan to visit us and we took him to Vegas! On Saturday my parents took me to Extreme Couture to train with their Kids Club. Everybody was very cool and I learned a lot even though I only went once. The trainers were excellent and the kids were extremely talented. My favorite part was the obstacle course we ran at the end of class. My time was the second fastest in the group. What an amazing place to train. They have a boxing ring, an octagon and a large mat area with heavy bags where I trained. On the wall they have the actual ring mat from Jay Hieron’s fight with Jonathan Goulet. It was supposed to be the bloodiest fight in UFC history, and the mat is soaked with blood! If I lived there that’s the place I would go!

Too bad Randy wasn’t there, but I had met him about a week before at the San Diego Comic-Con. He did a special appearance to promote his movie Scorpion King II.

Randy was super friendly and took a lot of time to chat with all his fans. My dad said he has a lot of “charisma,” so I guess that’s why he’s good at acting. I was surprised, because he was not as big as I imagined him to be. That just made me respect him even more, when you think about what he did to Tim Sylvia.

After training at Extreme Couture, we went to the WEC 35 weigh-ins at the Hard Rock Cafe! It was packed with fans waiting to see the fighters. Poor Marcus Hicks was a pound over at first and had to go back into the steam room. I met Frank Trigg, Thierry Sokoudjou, Dean Lister , Hiromitsu Miura and Brian Stann. I got to talk with the “African Assassin” for a while. When I told him that I train Judo at San Shi Dojo, he told me that he also trained at San Shi back in the days when the Flores Brothers were tearing it up there. And his parents back in Africa still don’t know he is a MMA fighter. Dean Lister was also very chill, but he’s from the 619 so what do you expect? He remembered us from the time we met him at the Chuck Liddell Book Signing. He’s at a new gym in Point Loma now and I hope to go over there soon to train with him.

I think my favorite fighter that day was Hiromistu Miura. When he walked by with his crew we spoke to him in Japanese and even though he must have been super hungry and thirsty from cutting, he took the time to chat with us. My grandfather, a Tai Chi master, was happy to meet another Japanese martial artist. We told Miura-san we were his biggest US fans. I imagined that it must be very hard to go to another country, where you don’t know many people or the language, to compete. Miura-san was very gentle and humble, but his fight with Condit was one of the best I’ve ever seen and he pushed Condit like no other. With all due respect to Karo, I think Miura-san’s judo throws from the clinch are the sickest I’ve seen in the Octagon! Hiromitsu Miura has the true samurai spirit and I can’t wait to see him fight again!

If you want to see pics of me at Extreme Couture and the fighters from the WEC 35 weigh-ins check out my Las Vegas album.


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