SDIKWA County Championships

No Mercy Boys Bringing Home the Hardware

No Mercy Boys Bringing Home the Hardware

This year was my first season competing in the San Diego – Imperial Kids Wrestling Association (SDIKWA). I went to six different tournaments from January to March of 2008. We even drove out to El Centro a couple of times to wrestle. I took first at three of them, got third once at the Midseason Classic and sadly placed fourth twice. I switched off between Midget 60s and 65s depending on how much I ate the night before the tournament! I did a lot better at 60s.

At the SDIKWA County Association Championship I had four matches. I pinned my first guy, teched my second opponent 15-0, I won a very tough 3 to 0 match in the semi finals ,and defeated my last opponent, who was last year’s champ, seven to five. I was actually winning 7 to zip, when the kid got a 5 point move on me (reversal and near fall).

I ended up taking 1st place being the SDIKWA County Champion! My friend Bernie took first too, and all my other teammates from No Mercy did great. All the hard work in the gym, learning awesome moves from Coach Ruben , Coach Roye Oliver, Iggy, Big Bernie, Pat, Jeff and the RBV High wrestlers, paid off during the tournament! I’m sure that the work I did this summer with Coach Buth at the LCC camp and Coach Eric Bellas from the San Diego Wrestling Center helped me a lot too.

I was glad to get a trophy and not a medal because trophies are so much cooler, but you hardly ever get them for wrestling. I didn’t know if I was going to win the SDIKWA County Championship or not, but I wrestled my best to win. It was one of the toughest wrestling tournaments I had ever competed in. I felt very lucky and proud that day and even now! One of my MMA coaches says that: “Pain is only temporary, pride lasts forever.”


~ by kidfighter on March 2, 2008.

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