Chuck Liddell Book Signing

Meeting the Tapout Crew at Camp Pendleton

Meeting the Tapout Crew at Camp Pendleton

Today I went to the Marine Base at Camp Pendleton for a Chuck Liddell book signing. By the time we got to the Country Store on base, there was a huge line of fans. My dad and I went into to the store to buy two copies of “ICEMAN: My Fighting Life.” On the way back to the line where my mom and two little sisters were waiting, I saw Chuck Liddell walking in surrounded by a film crew! Once he got in the store the line started moving a little.

The line was moving really slow, when someone said that the Tapout Crew was signing posters in another building across the way. My nice mom said that she could stay there with my baby sister while we went to meet Mask, Skyskrape, and PA (I’m not allowed to say his real name)!

We waited about twenty minutes until we got into the building, but it was totally worth it! First we met BJJ genius Dean Lister! He has a great sense of humor and moved like a fighter. He flows! Then I met Greg Mak. He looked like a wrestler so I told him that I’m going to Fresno for the Folkstyle State Finals. He wished me good luck.

Finally I met the Tapout crew! First I met PA. He remembered me from USGC and signed the picture of me and him that my dad took there. He also signed two magazines and my binder along with the others. Very cool, serious and looks tough! Mask was probably the funniest, with a great way to laugh. When he wanted to say something was cool, he said: “that’s tight.” He’s also very strong, cause when we took our pictures he threw me up on his shoulder like I was a feather! SkySkrape was the silliest and made me laugh. He is very tall and looks like a rock star! He told us that his daughter trains BJJ.

They were all very cool people and took lots of time with everyone. No rushing at all. They really cared about the fans, just like they seem to care about the fighters they sponsor on their show. You could tell that anytime you were with them, you would have a lot of fun, just like a birthday party! At the end my dad and the camera man took about twenty-three pictures of us together.

When we got back to the line for the book signing, my mom was near the door where Chuck Liddell was! When we got to his table, he signed one book for me and another for my MMA trainer, Jeff Clark. We are going to give it to him for his B-day. Poor Chuck must have been signing for over 2 hours by then and he looked really tired, but he was very nice. I can’t wait to read his book!

It was lots of fun and one of the best MMA memories I have ever had!


~ by kidfighter on February 15, 2008.

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